Support Pepsi!

PepsiCo donated a HUGE sum of money to PFLAG’s "Straight for Equality" project. The AFA (American Family Association) is organizing a boycott because of this. PLEASE, PLEASE support Pepsi for their unwaivering support of our community and the great gift they have given to PFLAG. Frito Lay, Tropicana, Quaker Oats and Gatorade are all Pepsi products that we should buy when we can. Also, please call the customer service phone number for PepsiCo below to personally thank them for what they’ve done for PFLAG. Tell them that you will continue to support them by buying their products. The operator will simply ask for your zip code and then pass the message along to the regional manager. The number is 1-800-433-2652, option zero for the operator. It is so very simple, I have done so already, it will take less than 3 minutes of your time. PLEASE SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT US!! Thanks!

To learn more about the PFLAG "Straight for Equality" project CLICK HERE!

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