The Defiance of Hobby Lobby



If you needed yet another reason NOT to shop at Hobby Lobby, here it is. The ULTRA conservative company is now challenging new healthcare reforms that require them to allow all employees access to healthcare, including the Plan B pill. They claim for religious beliefs, they will not abide by the laws.


Now, I think it’s fine if you have religious beliefs but as always, I DO NOT think it’s okay to put those beliefs onto others. Not to mention the fact that this is not a church or religious organization…you are a business. Just because the owners are extremely conservative bible thumpers does not mean you are above the law. I truly hope they get the million dollars in fines they are expected to receive. But unfortunately, just like in the marriage equality fight, religious groups always waste SO SO SO much money making a statement when they could actually be using it for good….like “Christians” are supposed to do. Millions have already been spent making sure we cannot marry or have the same rights, now again simply because they want to have an opinion on what they feel is right for everyone else.


I never shop here or give this company my money because of their views on my LGBT community. This just adds to my anti Hobby Lobby stance. Hopefully you can all see how important it is to NOT support businesses like this….your money goes to fight battles against us and the freedoms of all people. 


You can read the article HERE.


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