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Think You Are Gay? It Shows in Your Eyes, According to Study


Aug. 6, 2012
They say the eyes are window to the soul, and now scientists say the pupils can also reveal a person’s sexual orientation.

For the first time, researchers at Cornell University have used a specialized infrared lens to measure pupillary changes while subjects watched erotic videos to determine which gender they found attractive.

The results of the study were published Aug. 3 in the scientific journal PLoS One.

In most cases, a person’s stated sexual orientation matched the dilation of their pupils, which show signs of arousal. Previously, scientists used instruments to measure genital arousal, methods that were “too invasive.”

Arousal or “interest” is associated with pupil dilation.

“The idea was to find an unconscious measure,” said lead researcher and research fellow Gerulf Rieger.  “We tried to find measures that were not so invasive, but reliable. The eye tracker infrared camera focuses on the eye while the person watches videos or pictures and measures the changes in pupil size.”

The Cornell scientists had 325 subjects — 165 men and 160 women,  aged 20 to 35, all of whom were open about their sexual orientation.


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