The Summer of 2008: BownAThon 2008

The RAINBOWlers of Tulare County had a fun time attending the BOWLATHON2008 in Fresno back in August.   Tori, Jennie, Michael, Kyle, David and Slade were ‘representing’ the RAINBOWlers and since it was a Costume Event, a few of us dressed up for the Event.

This was a fundraiser for Fresno’s Community Link and it was a very successful event.  We saw Catwoman, aka Paris of the Knights of Malta, the Village People who were representing the Red Lantern and others who were gayly adorned with so many other various fun and a few ‘frightening’ costumes.

Here are some photos we took and more can be seen at .

TOP ROW (L to R) Jeannie, Slade, Michael, Kyle. BOTTOM ROW (L to R) Jeannie and Tori


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