The Summer of 2008: The Sequoia Shuttle

The Sequoia Shuttle




















      Vic, Benjamin, and Dennis were the first to arrive at the Holiday Inn for the Sequoia Trip. Then came Jason, R.J. and David.  We met Monique and her wife, Leah.  Everyone was given the official newspaper of the Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park so they could find out more about the place we were headed  and everyone got a raffle ticket.


  After we all met each other we climbed aboard the -Sequoia Shuttle”and had the entire bus to ourselves.  We talked, laughed and got to know each other.  The fun had begun.  We remarked about how much water there was in the Kaweah River and how beautiful it was as we passed through Three Rivers.


     It really didn’t seem like a long trip since we were all engaging in so many conversations.  Right before we got to the entrance to the sequoia national park, our bus driver (who had been asked in advance) announced the two numbers he had picked.  Those numbers were the gift certificate(s) donated by wild willy’s of Goshen. Benjamin and Dennis were the lucky winners.


     Our first stop was at the giant forest museum where we all got out and had our group photo.  Everyone was given the opportunity to then go on and discover the sequoia national park however they wanted.  We agreed to meet back at the same place for the trip back to the Holiday Inn.  Monique, Leah, David, Jason and R.J. chose to head over for the 400 step ascension to Morrow Rock.  We won’t say who found it a sprint and who found it to be more challenging to do because they all rose to the occasion and got to the top.  another photo opportunity on top of Morrow Rock.   (Notice they are still smiling.)




     Photo opportunities are endless in the sequoia national park as evidence by these taken by Monique & Leah. It is after all, a place where people spend thousands of dollars to go to and they travel from around to world to get there.

 There is the scenic beauty of the Sherman tree.
Image (but this isn’t the Sherman tree.)



  we got to visit the wildlife in their home.





   Vic, Dennis, Benjamin and Slade decided to head up to Wuksachi Lodge where we enjoyed a nice lunch and drinks amidst the background of the forest that you could see through the windows of their restaurant.  We then headed out on a trail surrounding the lodge to cross a bridge, scan the heights of the trees, discuss the environment and pretend we hadn’t consumed that many calories during lunch.



   From there, we headed down to Lodgepole and after looking around the gift shop, museum and store, Vic decided to head down the trail past the post office to discover the river.  Vic headed down to the edge of the river and as you can see, it was peaceful, scenic and with Zen like atmosphere.



    Suddenly the ‘spirit’ of Huell Howser appeared and we all kept laughing and saying ‘that’s amazing’.  (O.k. truth is, Vic does this really good impression of Huell).  For those who don’t know Huell is the host of ‘California’s gold’.

FRIENDSHIPS WERE MADE.    Image  Bonding did occur.  It was amazing.


 Image At the end of the day, we had the experiences, the sharing, the conversations, laughter, great food/drinks, senses filled with nature, photos and some left with each other.  The trip home was a chance to look back on morrow rock that had been climbed.  We still had lively conversations but some of napped a bit.  It had been quite a wonderful day.  Back at the Holiday Inn, there were hugs and off we went back to the ‘real world’.   It was a great memory to have in the summer of 2008.

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