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My better half and I are big animal advocates. I would like to take this opportunity to speak for those who do not have voices. There is a very real and very sad epidemic happening at our local shelters. Who would have thought the housing market and economy could trickle down and affect animals as well. The Valley Oak SPCA (VOSPCA) reported today that they are in crisis with the amount of puppies they currently have at the shelter and with their foster families. People are losing their homes to foreclosure, etc. and are bringing in pregnant dogs and puppies because they have no choice but to abandon them. They are in such bad shape they are offering adoptions at half of the normal price to try and eliminate the numbers of animals who may have to be euthanized. They are currently having to put down 60 to 70 animals A DAY!! This is a prime example of why it is so very important to spay and neuter our pets. If you are in the market for a new Christmas puppy or companion animal please think of visiting the shelter, the mall site or inquiring about what animals they have in foster care. If you are not in the market for an added family member perhaps you could donate money, items or your time.

The VOSCPA is always in need of the following items:

Canned Dog & Cat Food, Puppy & Kitten Food, Soft Dog Treats, Blankets (no
thermal or electric) and Washable Rugs, Towels for bathing and cleaning,
Paper Towels, Bleach, Stainless Steel Bowls, Grooming Supplies, New or Used
Collars and Leashes

Shelter Information:

Main Shelter
(559) 651-1111
Located at Plaza Park/Airport/Hwy 99
Hours: Monday – Saturday     9-5pm

Mall Shelter
(559) 901-8078
Located in the corner of the Gottschalk’s parking lot of mall
Mon, Weds, Thurs      1-7pm
Tuesday                     Closed
Friday & Saturday      12-8pm
Sunday                     11-5pm

Lend a paw if you can in any way. Thanks for your support!! And remember,
don’t breed or buy while homeless animals die.

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