They’re Expecting!



Kacy and Cori are expecting!! If you follow the gals of the Real L Word, you joined the rest of the viewers in this heart wrenching story. If you’re like me, you bawled on many occasions as they have gone through their journey of making babies and of loss. But recently announced, she’s 4 months pregnant and taking many precautions this time around. I’m excited for them and for all the couples out there trying for the same thing over and over again. It can and will happen when the time is right. Never lose hope! 


Showtime has yet to announce if they will be continuing the show for another season. Straight from the mouth of Kiyomi in Fresno on Saturday, “This one is for the Real L Word, rest in peace”. You can read that two ways: They aren’t renewing the show or the band didn’t get asked back. Regardless, you can follow Kacy and Cori on thier BLOG.

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