Transgender Victory with IRS


On Wednesday, further progression was made for Transgender equality. The IRS has overturned a previous policy in which medical expenses incurred from transitions were not allowed as income tax deductions. They were denied based on not being medically necessary. Well, ask any Transgender person and I’m pretty darn sure they would tell you just how necessary it is. And it seems the IRS has listened, after a lawsuit of course.


You can read the actual Action on Decision HERE. I have to say calling it a disease is rather bothersome to me. The dictionary defines disease as: A condition or tendency, as of society, regarded as abnormal and harmful. Although I am extremely happy for the giant step our federal government has just taken, can we work on our wording people? Now, I’m no expert, perhaps that terminology is 100% medically correct but if so, bleh! This just furthers ignorant people’s ignorance. If we deem this condition a disease, then of course they (those who do not understand or accept Transgender people) feel they can “cure” it. By calling it a disease we are somehow creating a stigma around it. Sorry, I digressed…


Regardless of what the wording is, hooray for our Transgender community. I know at times it feels like all of us are just getting scraps when we should be feasting. But I’ll take the smallest amount of progression over being stagnant any day.

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