I have lived in Tulare County most of my life. As a QUEER, I have felt very isolated at times because my social circle of queers has been small.  I have met some great people at various meetings and events however I have found something very special with this new group that started in September 2008.

Tuesday Evening Dining Group meets *every* week at 6pm.  The group is made up of some of the same people each week, and there are always new friends joining.  It started with three friends at dinner, we now average about 25 each week.  I’ve met about 60 or more new friends in this short time.  Sometimes we go on excursions during the week, and there is always a group that goes to The Marriott’s lounge for drinks after dinner.  I always feel welcome at any of these activities.

I have noticed the same thing that my other friends have noticed – this is a group of high quality people!  This group is very diverse!  This group has FUN!  Visalia has some GREAT restaurants!

High Quality People: People involved at various levels of professinal careers. (Medical, Government, Education, Business Owners, Agriculture, Social Services, and much more than I can remember right now.)  They have all been friendly, helpful, and kind.  Diverse: Young, middle-aged and seniors. Male and femaile. Straight and queer.  Parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles. Neighbors, rich & poor, people with issues, people with different levels of experience in the gay community, needy, resourceful, educated, witty, dull, mature, goofballs.  Fun: Good jokes, bull riding, theater, moveies, parties and witty banner.

The group’s motto is "Food + Friends = Fun" and it is exactly what TEDG is all about.  No political agenda, no cliques, no dress code, very little drama. I encourage everyone to taek some time out and meet some of these great people.

WWW.TEDG.INFO is where you can find out where we’re meeting this week. You have to sign up for the weekly email aleat to get this information. I hope you can experience a dinner meeting soon – you might be a little nervous at first like I was BUT I was made to feel very comfortable right away. (Everyone introduces themselves. Yes, EVERYONE! People invited me to sit with them! People were actually excited to meet ME!  Where else can you find this type of warmth and acceptane in the world??) Please come this week!


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