Two Spirits- A must see!


I’ve been waiting for this movie to come out. I think it’s absolutely amazing that it is going to be aired on PBS. The audience it will reach really has the ability to make an impact, typically about 1.5 million viewers. Please do what you can to help spread the word so that as many people as possible can learn and be touched by this film. Thank you.

To give you some background: Two Spirit is a Native American term meaning that you possess both feminine and masculine traits. This term has been used within tribes for centuries. It was even not uncommon for there to be same sex couples. Being a Two Spirit is actually considered by some to be a gift.

As “gifted” as Freddy was being a Navajo Two Spirit, it was not enough to save his life. He was brutally murdered at the age of 16. This film documents his life and hopefully opens up a door to understanding, tolerance and support. It will also show you the values our indigenous people have long embraced. You definitely shouldn’t miss the opportunity to watch this film.

This will be aired on PBS, Tuesday June 14th. Looks like you have to check with your TV provider to be certain of the time. One place said 10:00pm.

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