Volunteering at Reel Pride

On Sunday, Sept. 20, I had signed up with Courage Campaign to volunteer with Anthony Ash’s group; starting at 4 pm. I had a great time. I got to meet more people who volunteered as well, and in chatting with them; we got to become more acquainted than just another face/person in the group. Jessica, The leader for Porterville’s group was a riot. She can talk about incidences or issues that aren’t even newsworthy but have come to pass. She is very knowledgeable and I hope to one day sit and talk more with her regarding such cases. Gavino, was very quiet but very alert and friendly. He greeted every movie go-er with a smile. Jason and Jackie, the two leaders of the night were very helpful in getting the information to those who weren’t aware of Courage Campaign and even aquired some appointments to be speakers to some classes at Fresno State. (Good Going Guys). Solomon, very outgoing and cheerful had a smile and joke for everyone. I hadn’t seen him in over four years so it was nice to sort of catch up with him and other friends I hadn’t seen in about the same time; who came to see certain movies during the day. Bev and Rosa were very friendly and helped a great deal in getting people to sign a promise to repeal prop 8 at the next election and even received some contributions for C.C. GOOD JOB!



There were a few others there who volunteered and it seemed to me that everything went off smoothly. There were smiles and laughter in abundance from everyone. I hope to volunteer again for next year.


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