Yay for Florida!

I am so happy to have learned of this news. As our community is in constant motion….we take steps back with DADT but then we also take steps forward as with this latest ruling in Florida. Oh the constant ebb and flow that is our struggle.

Of course this article may ring a little more louder for me than others, but we can still look at it as a win. We have been granted a right that should never have been questioned or withheld from a state. And the innocent children who want nothing more than to have a family and feel love, hopefully just gained a lot more opportunities.

Since we are on the subject of adoption, I would like to let you know that the Tulare County Foster/Adoption Agency will be out at Family Fest on Saturday for those of you who may have questions or would like to receive more information.


Court affirms overturning Fla. gay adoption ban

(Miami) Florida’s strict ban on adoption by gay people is unconstitutional because no other group, even people with criminal backgrounds, are singled out for a flat prohibition by state law, an appeals court ruled Wednesday.

The ruling by the 3rd District Court of Appeal upholds a 2008 decision by a Miami-Dade County judge who found -no rational basis” for the ban when she approved the adoption of two young brothers by Martin Gill and his male partner. The prohibition was first enacted in 1977 and is the only law of its kind in the nation, according to court records.


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