Ying and Yang

Ralph and I could have been legally married when we had the chance to do so. We
decided that when we got married we wanted it to be on our Anniversary which is
January 12th. We discussed it and agreed that no voter should have the right to
tell us when we ‘have’ to get married. So the time frame to get married closed
after the election. Today the California Supreme Court’s decision informed us
that we should have got married while we have the chance since those who did get
married are still legally married. Guess what? The California Supreme Court’s
decision does NOT change our love for one another. We still had our 33 Year
Anniversary on Jan. 12th and we still are in love. Life is the Ying and the
Yang (the good and the bad). Today feels like the great and the sad. Great for
those who are still legally married and sad for those of us who can’t get
legally married. John Mayers song "Waiting On The World To Change" is
not about gay marriage but it easily could be. There WILL be a day when gay
marriage will be legal and I know that because there are way too many of us that
will not give up the struggle for marriage equality until it is the law of the
land in the U.S.A. See you at Meet In The Middle!!


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