8, the play.


Dustin Lance Black, well known for his work on MILK, has a new project these days. Black is now producing the play, 8. It’s based on the Prop. 8 trial. It will feature dialogue from transcripts of the trial. It will also be based on his observations from inside the courtroom as well as his interviews of people from both sides of the case.

Part of his intention with the new play is to shed light on our oppostions case and what they are saying about us (ie. gay people harm children). I think this play can only be beneficial to us as people see the basis of their case is all just hatred and fear.

The play debuts this September on Broadway in New York. It will then hit some universities and other places. Hopefully it will make its way out west, too. I think it would be great to see some factual evidence of what the majority of people have not witnessed or heard.


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