Sign a license, go to Hell


I’m not sure why but I got totally riled up when I read this article today (link below). I’m sooo sick of religious groups crusading against our equality when they could and SHOULD be using their time, money and energy to actually do some good in the world. Can you damn people just seriously answer me, how does this affect you? How does MY marriage affect YOUR relationship with your God? Are you held accountable for my actions somehow? I think not. If your neighbor steals a pack of gum, are you responsible for them? I think not. So why should you give a damn about gays getting married? There are legal gay marriages all over the country right now and the world is still functioning. To my knowledge, lightning has not struck anyone and God hasn’t come to end it all.

So this clerk in New York has resigned because she doesn’t agree with gay marriage. Well, see ya later alligator. She cannot sign her name to such a thing because she is supposed to follow the law of God, not the law of man. I think it’s great she wants to quit because of her convictions (on some level). What I don’t like is the fact that these religious fanatics are using it to fuel the fire of their battle against us. Everything always has to get twisted around, manipulated and skewed to somehow make people believe how wrong our rights are; that our marrying each other negatively affects innocent people (rolling eyes).

They argue that the new marriage law doesn’t allow them the freedom of religion. Ok and what about the separation of church and state??! How easily is that one always forgotten? Dear Laura, you were hired to do a job, not to judge, not to cast your convictions on others, simply to do a job. Pretty sure “God” won’t condemn you to a life in hell because you signed a marriage license for lesbians. Maybe we should all end our professionalism and just do what we like. I think I will stop serving all my religious clients. I don’t believe in organized religion or God so I think I will just stop dealing with everyone who does because it goes against my beliefs. Maybe there are servers out there who don’t like Asians? They should probably just refuse to take them their food. Grocery store clerks can refuse to sell you cigarettes because they think smoking is gross. Liquor store clerks can refuse to sell you alcohol because their brother was killed by a drunk driver. What about teachers? I’m sure there are some of them out there who don’t want to deal with our unruly children. Screw it. Maybe they should just stop teaching them.

Can you imagine what would happen in life if we all just started doing completely what we wanted to without regard to our actions? Without regard to our fellow humans? Without regard to common courtesy and respect? I can tell you my friends, it would be a sad, sad day when we let our personal convictions adversely and unfairly affect those around us.

I know those groups who are fighting so diligently against me will never read this article but I’m just going to say this anyway. Please, please mind your own business. My relationship with my wife does not affect your relationship with your God. You have spent millions of dollars fighting against upstanding citizens who just want to live their lives as you do, with equality and respect. Meanwhile, thousands of children go without families. Thousands of people remain homeless and hungry. Drugs, suicide and feelings of inferiority plague our youth. Help them. Help causes that actually need fixing because we don’t. Please realize you are fighting a losing battle and you are harming innocent people and families in doing so. What does your God say about that?

If you would like to read the article about the New York clerk, you can do so HERE.

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