December Book Review


Author , Alex Sanchez


Rating , Two Thumbs up


This book is one of a three part series that captivated me. Because all three parts were not in a catalog of some book membership, I had to hunt these down to be able to finish the series.  Word of caution, it may take awhile to finish all three parts if you don’t find the entire series to buy all at one time. Part one is so familiar to situations I went thru ( or any gay guys) who are uncertain of themselves, or know about themselves and are trying to find the love of their life, or those guys who are sure of themselves but fear the worst from people if they come out (especially parents). I experienced all the venues mentioned. High school is great when you and your buddies share one common thing (a penis doesn’t count).  The funny tricks you pull on each other and the scary situations you don’t know how to get out of. This book was hard to put down to do my day to day stuff.


    Jason Carrillo     Kyle Meeks        Nelson Glassman

             Jock                                  Swim Team Star                            Independent

          Good Looks                                 Friendly                                    Opinionated

       Beautiful Girlfriend                       Easygoing                                      Defiant

             Popular                                     Intelligent                                        Joker

          Unsatisfied                                  Confused                                        In love


High school is hard enough as it is without falling in love with your best friend- who’s crushing on the most popular guy in school. Or feeling like your parents would throw you out if they knew you were gay. Or being afraid of who you are…


—-Believable , and touching.”—Publishers Weekly


—-Sanchez’s storytelling is fluent, direct, and authentic.” — Lambda Book Report

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