December Movie Review

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar


Rated PG -13


Director: Beeban Kidron


Starring: Wesley Snipes , Patrick Swayze , John Leguizamo


Rating , Two Thumbs Up & a Snap!


This movie constantly comes of the dusty shelf every so often to bring a little happiness in my life. I feel this is one of those movies that would make it in the classics category such as, Some Like It Hot, (Tony Curtis and Jack Lennon with Marilynn Monroe). The humor in it is one that hasn’t gone away for me. Being a drag queen in the past, I can relate to many of circumstances, but that’s another story. This movie, for me has become a, -take me away from the world of worries” and it never lets me down. All this and aside the fact that not many male actors can look good in drag, these 3 sure fooled me. If it has been awhile since you’ve seen it, drag it out and dust it off (if you own it), If you don’t own it, rent it, you’ll be smiling and feeling good by the end.


Wesley Snipes, Patrick Swayze, and John Leguizamo star as three -girls” who just wanna have fun in a hilarious comedy about repairing broken hearts, broken dreams and broken nails. En route from New York City to Hollywood for a drag queen beauty pageant, Noxema (Snipes), Vida (Swayze) and Chichi (Leguizamo) are forced to take an unwelcome detour when their 1967 Cadillac convertible breaks down. Stranded in the tiny Midwestern town of Snydersville, the three try to make the best of their unfortunate circumstance. And when their glitz and glamour wake up the sleepy local citizens, the stage is set for an outrageously funny weekend. Also Starring Stockard Channing and Blythe Danner, this marvelous mix of flamboyant fun and refined simpleness erupts into plenty of laughs in…


-The Best Comedy of the Year” Interview


— -Swayze, Snipes and Leguizamo are absolutely fabulous!” — Boston Harold

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