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Our dear Hope is at it again, sacrificing her body and time for the ride from SF to LA all for raising money and awareness for HIV/AIDS. Please read her message below and help out if you can, thank you!

I am trying to raise $2,000 by the end of WORLD AIDS DAY (12/1/10). I am riding again this year in AIDS LifeCycle 10 from SF to LA (yep, a whopping 545 miles in 7 days)……………….
All the proceeds go to SF AIDS FOUNDATION see:
All donations are tax deductible and it saves lives!

Did you know
* Every 9.5 minutes someone new is infected with HIV/AIDS?
* Did you know that most of all new infections are those less than 25 years old?
* Majority of new infections are among minorities, the poor, the disadvantaged? -PSR Rider: Hope Attenhofer #5853

If you don’t already know: I will be mounting a stationary bike on WORLD AIDS DAY and not getting off until I raise $2,000! The more you can help, the less I have to stay there………….Scott wants dinner 🙂 Please help me. Even $10 will go a long ways!

Many blessings to you and yours! Hope

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