November Movie Review


The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
Rated R
Director Stephan Elliot
Cast: Terrence Stamp – Hugo Weaving
Guy Pearce – Bill Hunter 
Rating: Two Snaps Up
I may have done a review on this movie years ago, but this is one of those films that never gets tiresome. I have heard o few wise cracks and puns that are still are funny today as the first day I saw it. Such as “Cock in a frock on a rock.” Imagine buying beauty products titled, “WO-MAN; make up for the rugged woman.” I hadn’t noticed before but the actor Terrence Stamp also had played on “Superman II” He played the character “General ZOD” The drag costumes are great. They’re so imaginative and creative. There are a lot of sequins, feathers and other flashy things. It’s not your, “Plain Jane” drag. What I got out of the story is; “When everything has failed to go your way; all you need is some good friends, great music, FAAAAB-ulous outfits and tons of alcohol with an audience to shake your groove thang to get happy.”
NOTE: to younger generation of LGBTQ community; sometimes these older gay themed movies can be educational as well as entertaining. Moral of the story for you would be; “Self discovery can be a long journey, with many adventures. It’s the friends you keep and the struggles you overcome that will make you who you are.
Movie Description: Terence Stamp plays Bernadette, a drag queen about to relive her theatrical glory days with two young friends on one wild road trip. Billed for a gig in rural Alice Springs (smack in the middle of Australia), the trio hits the highway in a bus dubbed “Priscilla.” Their act might fly in civilized Sydney, but the outrageous costumes, disco music and dancing is getting some pretty interesting feedback at every stop along the way. Bernie, Mitzi and Felicia are finding out that you can’t shock anyone these days- but you can have fun trying.
“Roaringly Comic!” – Rolling Stone
“Flambouyantly Colorful!” – The New York Times
“It’s time to rejoice, for ‘Priscilla’ has arrived!” – San Fransisco Examiner

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