I Laughed, I Cried….

I just attended the Camp Courage in Fresno, WOW! For all of you who did not attend, you really missed out. Try, try, try as hard as you can to attend at another location, you will not be disappointed. I think, wait, I know you will forever be changed. You will be more inspired and more empowered than you ever thought possible. Here is my brief story:

This weekend I laughed, I cried, I celebrated, I engaged. I made a commitment to myself. I made a commitment to you. I will take a stand. I will stand up with you. I will help you stand on your own and if you can’t, I will stand for you. Gone are my days of complaining, hoping for change. I realized this weekend that I am the change. Each one of us has something to offer and nothing we do is ever too small. Our rights weren’t built in a day, but they certainly were taken away in one. My able community, join our army for the epic battle that lies ahead. The winds of change are coming and they are gaining momentum with every stop that Camp Courage makes in our beautiful, yet dysfunctional state. I hereby declare myself a "Courage Crusader". I may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound but I can certainly organize a boycott or picket one! So, come out come out whomever, wherever and whatever you are and become a Courage Crusader too. Let’s do this!

With admiration and determination,

Brooke Burk, Courage Crusader

A special thanks goes out to my family who allowed me to be absent from their lives for an entire weekend. I know, I know, I owe you. Thank you to everyone at the Courage Campaign and Camp Courage for your vision and ability to see the necessity for something like this. For leaving your loved ones behind so that you can empower us and push forward the movement.

If you attended Camp Courage, share your story: [email protected]. For those of you who are kicking yourself in the pants right now for not attending, you should, but click on the link below and get informed, it’s not too late. The next stop is in San Diego, April 18th & 19th. Mini vacation anyone? Go empty and come back FULLfilled!


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