November Book Review


Clay’s Way

Author: Blair Mastbaum

Rating: One Thumb Up

This is a very detailed book, set in Hawaii. The author out does himself and actually gives you enough information of the surroundings that you actually feel that you are there. You can hear the sounds of the surf as it rushes in, the sounds of rain as it hit pavement and roofs. He also added a little something unique to a book I’ve ever read so far. This author is also a poet. He included Haikus written in his adolescent years. This coming-of-age story of a native Hawaiian boy is very moving and appealing to all generations, I would think. There hasn’t been a person who’s had their eye on someone who didn’t even know what feeling stirred within you as you stood in their presence. Giving this book a read through may surprise you.

A wanna-be punk rocker who writes bad haiku poetry, 15 year-old Sam is fed up with his middle-class parents, his geeky best friend, and his inability to do the raddest skate board tricks. Then he meets Clay. Mistaking lust for fate, Sam becomes obsessed with the 17-year-old surfer boy; who’s island cool masks an internal conflict even darker than Sam’s. Directing his furious energy toward winning Clay’s heart, Sam goes on a reckless odyssey to become everything Clay seems to be. Through hurricanes, car accidents, teenage parties, and monster waves, they ricochet off each other until one night on a remote beach, in the flickering light of torches and campfires, the violence and tumult of Clay and Sam’s dynamic propels them both through the hardest decisions and obstacles of their young lives.

-A gay Catcher in the
Rye . A terrific, auspicious debut by a writer we will surely be hearing much more from.”—John Rechy, author of  City of
-Thrilling, sexy, terrifying… I recommend this book to all adventurous readers.”—Susanna Moore, author of In the Cut  


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