November Movie Review

Were the World Mine

A musical dream come true

 Director: Tom Gustafson

Starring: Tanner Cohen , Wendy Robie , Judy Mclane – Jill Larson , Zelda Williams , Ricky Goldman , Nathaniel D. Becker

 Rating: Two Thumbs Up (more if I had more thumbs) 


I had a wonderful time watching it. I was not only drawn in to its magical plot but it was emotionally moving. I had to have it for my collection. That same night I saw it I went on Logo and bought it. This would be a great addition or gift. I was so captivated by it; the ending came too soon for me. A must see if you haven’t already. Made me wish I can do a few things the main character did to his heart throb desire and some of the people of his town.

When Timothy is cast as Puck in A midsummer’s Night Dream, the young gay man stumbles upon a secret love-potion recipe hidden within the script. He creates comic chaos as he turns much of his narrow-minded town gay, starting with the rugby jock of his dreams.


-Inspired! Puts ‘High School Musical’ to shame.” – Village Voice

-A rousing, warm-hearted spectacle.” , Stephen Farber, Hollywood Reporter 


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