There Will Be “Video Of The Trial”

It’s frustrating for those
following the current Prop 8 trial in San Francisco to have to wade through the
blogs and tweets in order to piece the case together. The Supreme Court has
barred the use of live or delayed video of the trial, and understandably, much
of the information coming out via bloggers is incomplete, given the difficulty
of transferring an ongoing trial immediately into words. But an answer seems to
have arrived. It appears we’ll now be able to watch daily re-enactments of the
trial, starting on Tuesday, January 19th, thanks to John Ireland.


John Ireland, (pictured above) is a freelance
journalist and filmmaker, based in Los Angeles, who has "focused on the gay rights movement, the
electoral process and the effects of linguistics and semantics on everyday
exchanges that connect us to one another.
" You can check out Ireland’s
previous works by clicking here.

Ireland made this statement over the
weekend… –People want to see this drama
unfold and there is a tremendous narrative that was propelled by that first day
of testimony…. I don’t think you need to be gay or lesbian to see there is a
tremendous human story being told but so few people are actually hearing it
Read the full interview here… On
Top Magazine Interview with John Ireland

The project’s mission, according to their
website…In its January 13, 2010 ruling, the U.S.
Supreme Court blocked the public broadcasting of Perry v. Schwarzenegger, a
U.S. District Court case challenging the constitutional validity of California
Proposition 8. Working from partial transcripts and first-hand accounts from
bloggers who are present at the trial, we will re-create the trial proceedings
and post them here, for public viewing.

Ireland posted this Craigslist
to get the people he needed for the project. All work on the project
is volunteer only.

Apparently Day One of the trial
has been filmed over the weekend and is in the bag, to be released Tuesday,
January 19th. We’ll post the ongoing video series here for you to see. For
updates on the project follow this link… Prop 8 Trial



Pictured, left to right…VAUGHN WALKER (JUDGE)

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