What a super meeting!

The PFLAG meeting yesterday was just sensational! There were almost 60 people and about 12 different groups/organizations represented. Everyone gave great presentations and I even learned of a few I hadn’t heard of before. The list of participants is below which I will also try to post on our resource page soon.  


AA Rainbow Group- LGBT and friendly support group

Boundaries- Confidential support group for persons living with HIV/AIDS

COS Pride- COS club promoting LGBT awareness

Dining Out for Equality- Monthly lunch group promoting visibility

Visalia Pride Lions Club- Service organization with many community outreach projects

Gay Visalia- We’re here for you, just let us know how to help!

Hanford Rainbow Pride- Local social and political group for Kings County

Queer Visalia- Website for bloggers and information. Hosts Pride in the Park

Rainbowlers- Monthly bowling group in

Tulare  County Outreach- Monthly potluck group

TedG- Weekly dining group at various area restaurants

PFLAG- Monthly meeting to support EVERYONE in and around the LGBTQI community  


There is talk of wanting to bring together all of the different area organizations into one coalition effort consisting of social activities and community outreach. If anyone is interested in the organization and participation of such a group please let me know. If you have ideas for this group, we would take those as well. This coalition would include
Tulare and Kings Counties and include all of the surrounding cities. Again, this thought is just in the newborn stages, so any input or direction would be great! If someone would like to step up and take charge of this, many, many people would be extremely grateful. You can also talk to anyone on the PFLAG board for more information because that’s where the idea was born. 


A big thank you to PFLAG for bringing us all together. And thanks to all of the groups in our community for doing the wonderful work that you do for all of us. You make a difference in many people’s lives and help
Visalia be a better place to live. Thank you!

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