You save money, we earn money!


Gay Visalia is taking part in the new Chamber Discount Card program. We’ve all bought other cards from schools, etc. offering discounts from only a few places but this one is WAY better! You aren’t limited to only a few merchants and it’s not all food. Currently, there are 135 local discounts available on the card valued at almost $6000.00! The good thing about these cards is that they add new merchants and deals all the time but you won’t need to update your card. You can hop online at any time and see the available deals. You can also print the list and keep it with you while you are out. Gay Visalia will receive a portion of the card sales so not only are you saving money, you will be earning us money as well! You can hit the link below to order your card and to check out all it has to offer. If you would prefer not to get them online, you can purchase them from me anytime. I will also be selling them at Family Fest but why wait, start saving today!


Currently, we are the only group in Visalia selling these cards. Let’s try to get the word out so our community can benefit from this great program! Remember, it only takes a couple of uses and the card has paid for itself! If you think you can help us out and would like to sell these to your family, friends, co-workers, church members, etc. contact me for more info or just point them to the above link! Thank you for your support!

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